47 Ronin - Chushingura

47 Ronin - Chushingura

Spirit of the Samurai

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The Ronin's Attack.
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A year and a half after the death of Asano, the 47 Ronin meet in Edo at one of their secret location, renewed their oaths and got ready to attack on Kira's mansion.

On the night of December 14th 1702, snow was falling in Edo. Oishi inspected each man and questioned them all about their orders. They all put on their weapons and armors. Over it, they wore the uniforms of the fire brigade so that they could freely move through the streets of Edo.

On their way to Kira's mansion, Oishi sent messages to the neighbourhood, explaining that they were not thiefs, but the 47 Ronin, came to avenge the death of their Lord. The neighbors all hated Kira and did nothing to stop the Ronins from attacking.

Armed with swords, lances and bows, they split up into two groups to attack the house at the same time. Oishi Kuranokuse led one group by the front gate while Oishi Chikara, his son, led the second group to the back gate. As planned, a drum would sound the beginning of the attack, and a whistle would signal that Kira was found.

A few archers quietly positioned themselves on the roof to prevent those in the house from sending for help. When everybody was in place, Oishi sounded the war drum, marking  the begining of the attack. The Ronin tears down the front and read gates  with war hammers and penetrated the mansion while Kira was having a tea party.

The 47 Ronin spread throughout Kira's mansion, fighting against more than 120 of Kira's men, who, even taken completely by surprise, put up a fierce resistance. Most of them were killed during the raid, many were wounded, and some ran away from the fight, including Kira's son.

For some time they hunted for Kira, searching the house, finding nothing but women and children. Oishi checked Kira's bed, and notice that  it was still warm: Kira must not be far. They discovered under the bed a secret passageway leading to the garden. Some men took the passageway and finally found a man hiding in a storage hut.  The sound of the whistle echoed in the night: Kira has been found.