47 Ronin - Chushingura

47 Ronin - Chushingura

Spirit of the Samurai

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The Death of Kira.
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In the garden was held a small building for storing firewood and charcoal. While searching the building, the Ronin were attacked by a man hiding in a corner.

After being easily disarmed and questioned, the aggressor refused to state his name and rank. The searchers knew it was Kira so they blew the whistle. The Ronin gathered around the man and Oishi Kuranosuke certified that it was indeed Kira, seeing  the scar from Asano's attack.

In consideration of Kira's high rank, Oishi kneeled down before him and respectfully addressed him, telling him they were retainers of Asano, come to avenge him as true Samurai should.

He also told Kira that he will allow him die with honor as a true Samurai, by committing Seppuku, as Lord Asano had done almost two years ago. Oishi offered Kira the same dagger Asano used to kill himself. Kira fell on his knees, crying, trembling, begging for his life, offering money to Oishi and the Ronin so that they let him live.

After realizing that Kira do not have the courage nor the honor to commit Seppuku, Oishi killed him by cutting off his head with Asano's dagger.

Kira's head was wrapped in a white cloth and places in a bucket. Despite the fact that a few Ronin were wounded, they marched to Sengaku-ji Temple in Edo where Lord Asano was buried.

On arriving at the temple, the Ronin washed and cleaned Kira's decapitated head in a well and put it before Asano's tomb. They offered prayers at the temple in hommage to their Lord and, knowing what was comming for them, gave all the remaning money of the Asano Clan to the head monk of the temple, asking him to bury them decently and offer prayers for them after their death.

Fully prepared to die for their action, Oishi sent a messenge to the Tokugawa Government Building in Edo, informing the officials of what had been done and telling them that they would be waiting at Sengaku-ji Temple, for the Shogun orders.